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SkyLight : Get beyond TV's ambient light

songkord-thirachaiSongkord Thirachai 03/25/2016 at 18:020 Comments

A few day ago, I tried some demo of the SkyLight. The result was vary POOR.

The Big problem was some glitter after SkyLight is enable. RF module used more time to send packet that make some serial packet from raspberry pi lost in the middle of Adalight packet train. There is a weak point of Adalight protocol that is not check a complete of the whole packets. Rx buffer was increased to make it better however arduino uno also reached their limit.

I've surveyed another solution founded this : Hyperion-Controlling multiple devices. That is a good idea to separate Ambient light and SkyLight controller.

- Conventional ambient light is controlled by raspberry pi directly.

- SkyLight is controlled via arduino uno exclusively.

The surveyed document which is in the link is very clearly, I, however, take a time to experiment.