Anything goes in Ethiopia?

A project log for automatic BOOKSCANNER for Ethiopia

Design of a 500 Euro automatic BOOKSCANNER which can be build without expensive or complicated equipment or skills.

Karsten FuhstKarsten Fuhst 05/16/2016 at 10:420 Comments

What's up in the education system in Ethiopia?

More that 100.000 students are entering the universities every year. The government takes care to employ professors from other countries to educate all this students.

But one thing is missing - BOOKS.

The libraries can not effort to buy enough textbooks for the students. The books cost the same as in Europe or in the USA (in Ethiopia the teaching language is english from the fifth year of school). As a result they try to make paper copies from the books. The disadvantages are that those copies don't last long and it is bring task to make them. Additional Ethiopia has to import every paper to produce the copies.

One could think of scanning the books.

One method is to rip of the cover to make scanning easier - not prefered!

Or you can scan them manually - after 50 pages you will get mad and make mistakes - not prefered!

You could buy an automatic bookscanner from the shelf - 50.000 $ - bit too expensive!

That is why we were asked if we could build a much cheaper automatic bookscanner.

We accepted the challenge and now we can present our AUTOMATIC BOOKSCANNER for just 500 EURO material cost!