BOOKSCANNER as Assistive Technology for Blind People

A project log for automatic BOOKSCANNER for Ethiopia

Design of a 500 Euro automatic BOOKSCANNER which can be build without expensive or complicated equipment or skills.

Karsten FuhstKarsten Fuhst 10/02/2016 at 19:000 Comments

The original idea behind the project was to develop the BOOKSCANNER for universities to digitize theire libraries. When we first showed our design ideas and the page turning mechanism as a feasibility model we learned from visitors that there might be another field of use for the BOOKSCANNER.

BOOKSCANNER for blind people

Sometimes (older) books printed in braille letters don't exist (or are not available) as a normal (visible) printed copy or as digital version. By scanning the pages with our BOOKSCANNER it would be possible to 'read' the braille pattern by using OCR technology.

The content could be stored in a digital form and/or it could be read by a computer voice.

Another idea which came up in this context was, that a computer voice could read standard printed books to blind children (in an age where they didn't have started reading) by using the BOOKSCANNER and OCR.