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dehipude Éhipu 02/22/2021 at 23:100 Comments

As you might have guessed from the previous log, I decided to try and make another stenotype. This time with a little bit more experience from my low-profile keyboard projects. Of course it's low-profile, and of course it runs CircuitPython.

I used blue Kailh Choc switches, because they are very light, with 25g springs. That is important, because you are usually pressing a lot of keys at once, and the forces add up quickly. The switches are linear, not clicky, but I think it's fine.

I used some keycaps I had left over from building other keyboards — mostly function keys and some random stuff like Print Screen or alternate Alt. I couldn't use keys with proper legends, because the letters repeat here, so I would need several sets. Instead I bought several sheets of stickers for "converting" your keyboard to a different layout. They look bad, but it works well enough for training.

Right now I programmed it as a keyboard to be used with Plover, but ultimately I want to make it work like real stenotypes, as a serial device. CircuitPython just recently had a se]cond USB CDC device added, so I can use that.