ferromagnetic filament is a FAIL

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deepsoicDeepSOIC 04/16/2016 at 23:581 Comment

I did a crude measurement of BlackMagic3D's ferromagnetic filament, and got permeability of about 2. That is hopeless. For more info, see my project #Measuring BlackMagic3D's ferromagnetic filament.


absinthdraco wrote 05/01/2016 at 00:12 point

On the upside, the fact that it does have a permeability above 1 means that it could probably be used for some low-end configuration of magnetic sensors (use it in conjunction with a piece of copper and a magnet to confirm directionality of relative field strengths).

I guess you could use it for a fluxgate magnetometer too. Do you still have the core with the wire wound around it? It should be roughly perfect for that (baring only the difficulty of reaching saturation).

Also, a 5 second test confirmed that all-thread (threaded rod) is (at least when bought from a local hardware store) magnetically susceptible. How about testing some of that next?

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