Powered Clutch (Hand Controlled) for Disabled

A system to operate the Clutch on a car for a Disabled Person.

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Automotive enthusiasts, Muscle car owners and anyone else that wants to have a real sports car usually looks to get a vehicle with a standard transmission. The control you have in a vehicle with a standard transmission is greater than what you have in a automatic transmission car. Disabled drivers that want the same control, have a few options, but most are expensive. Also they can only be installed by a few dealers, and/or require the car to be shipped to them. I propose building a system that is adjustable, reliable, and uses available parts so it can be repaired easily, and cheaply. With options for automatic engaging of the clutch when shifting, and more control, with a separate variable trigger to allow maximum driving enjoyment.
  • 1 × AVR microcontroller
  • 1 × Propeller Microcontroller
  • 1 × Rotary encoder
  • 1 × Potentiometer
  • 1 × Electric Motor

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