When is a log not a log?

A project log for Tide Clock in MicroPython

Showing times of upcoming high/low tides using a WiPy and an E-Paper Display to try MicroPython in a project

Stephen BStephen B 03/27/2016 at 17:150 Comments

I'm writing snippets about the development of the tide clock here, but they're not in real-time, as for nearly the entire duration of the development, I wasn't sure this would actually work properly. The display doesn't always update properly but is doing this infrequently (and certainly not when I refresh the board in a loop trying to trigger the behaviour). The server-side code is pretty hacky, and I'm not really happy with the fly-wires inside the picture frame either.

The original plan was to laser-etch the map onto plywood and mount the PCB on the back of the wood, but due to some boring life cock-ups, this didn't pan out, so the mounting onto card was more of a last-ditch plan.