Field Test: DTLA Mini Maker Faire

A project log for Perceptoscope

A public viewing device for mixed reality experiences in the form factor of coin-operated binoculars.

bensaxbensax 02/28/2018 at 07:170 Comments

Things are slowly taking shape. These past few months I've been able to get this prototype into the field in front of people. Nothing especially permanent yet, but it's taking bruises now and getting more refined. 

DTLA Mini Maker Faire - Dec 2 2017

What better way to start than a Maker Faire. 

The Los Angeles Central Public Library is beautiful, and just being able start there felt like an honor. Maker Faires are great places to test precisely because of the ethos of everyone there.  It's about sharing the how even more than the what.

If something breaks down, it's a teaching moment, not a mistake. In particular, I rushed building my power cables the night before, and found myself demonstrating soldering techniques with Sparkles, the Crash Space mascot soldering iron. 

At DTLA @makerfaire, @perceptoscope being fixed by Ben with the help of Sparkles.
— Kevin Jordan (@idreamincode) December 2, 2017

It gave me a sense of the logistics, from setup to breakdown, and I learned a lot about where I could refine the design and interface.

Experientially, I had been demonstrating some WebVR and A-Frame scenes, playing around with photogrammetry scans of artifacts and letting users activate them to get other views. It would help inform what was to come next.