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Florian FestiFlorian Festi 09/17/2018 at 15:500 Comments

Some may have noted that I recently added a Dockerfile to the repository. Playing around a bit more I moved the public web instance into a more modern docker container. This is not in its final form. Several things still need to be done right. Nevertheless it already solves two long standing and annoying issues:

For the later I still need to fix the docs with still state those formats or only available for local installations.

Overall the docker container is considered being in beta test. So if you encounter any issues, please report here or in a GH ticket. But in general I expect things to work.


Turns out this simple setup is not good enough for a public instance. I added uWSGI - a light weight web server - to the container. So now there are multiple processes and threads handling the requests. I also created a systemd service file for the container so it gets started and restarted automatically.

I did not update the Dockerfile in the repository as I guess most people won't be using it to run their own public instance but would rather use it for development where having one single process with the SimpleHttpServer is just fine. It also contains a few specifics of my setup.