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florian-festiFlorian Festi 08/22/2019 at 22:070 Comments

Boxes now supports multiple - ok, ehmm, ... nearly two - languages. This started several weeks ago with a request to support a Portguese/Brazilian translation. But this only got finished because CNDK asked how to translate the UI to Chinese and came back with a translation after I pointed him to the first prototype version of the POT file.

For now the web UI uses the preferred language set in the browser to find a language to translate to. I will probably add another means to change the language. Any particular style you'd like to see this done? As mentioned above there only exists a Chinese version with a few pieces still missing as I just now added them.

If you are interested in other language you can go Zanata page and start working on them. Drop me a note here or open a ticket if you think the translation is ready to be merged. If you don't want to bother with yet another online tool you can also get the POT file from the repository and translate it locally.

Update: Added a drop down box to select the language to the page footer. It's still pretty ugly. I still need to look into the CSS stuff necessary to make it fit the overall design of the page.

Update2: I just received a French translation from Georges Khaznadar who is also packaging for Debian.

The situation with Zanata - which was already kinda fishy in the summer - is now at a point where we need to make plans to move somewhere else (as is the Fedora project). I am currently considering but I still have not much experience with the hole l10n business. Any advice is welcome.