Interferometer info coming

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Use your lasercutter to make an optics bench.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 11/12/2016 at 17:330 Comments

Interferometer video coming

There's a lot of interest in setting up the interferometer and how to use it, so I've decided to post some follow-on info.

This will include setup notes, how to make a closed-loop feedback measuring system, how to calibrate, and so on. It will probably include a short video and a Wiki page with pictures.

I won't be showing any actual experiments, simply because a lot of other people would enjoy doing them.

There's actually a number of interesting things that could be done, some of which are subtle and counter-intuitive. Speed of light, detecting the moon's gravity, detecting PH of a solution, and making a Q-switch.

There's an experimental setup that I like much better than the 2-slit experiment for demonstrating quantum mechanics. I'm considering setting that up and showing it.

Stay tuned - in a week (or a few) I should have an update coming.

As always, anyone who would like to contribute can PM me on GitHub and I'll add you to the project.