Diode! ...Diode?

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NixieNixie 10/18/2018 at 06:280 Comments

First noticeable diode effect in N-type (phosphor) wafer, using Boron.

Right now I'm stuck with N-type (Sulphur) doped wafers, so I'm using boric acid as boron source. When cooking it, it produces borosilicate glass on top of the wafer, wich, if you use too much of the dopant, makes for such a thick film that can't be really etched away. Luckily, a small window opened in the center of the test, and I could access the boron doped part. ^^ diffusion, before etching)

Also, laser paterning is coming along nicely!
2mm test square and "+" fiducial. Should have left in HF longer, but curiosity got the best of me. ^^