Proto 0.1 Alias Bob

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A wireless glowing programmable juggling props, with 9-DOF IMU

LaurentLaurent 04/24/2016 at 02:430 Comments

Alias Bob, ready to be sent !

4 Layer PCB ( 1 layer for GND, and another for 3.3V ) :

In theory :

I know that I not really follow all High Speed USB design Guidelines, but I think I'll still keep this for now, because :

  1. Traces and planes are better than on my previous PCB. And it worked.
  2. USB DFU is 12mbit/s and i don't need to use USB CDC ACM at his max speed.
  3. In case of problems with USB Signal Integrity, I have some good musicians Idea that starts with the letter C for the next PCB. :-)
  4. And Finally, libopencm3 Ninjas confirm what I thought !

You can look at the Rastello 0.1 alias Bob schematic.