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borazsloborazslo 04/16/2017 at 13:470 Comments

I had to dismount the clock when I moved home to Europe. And when I rebuilt the project I encountered with a significant difficulty. The five solenoids needs significantly different power to move the hammers. It is because of the different home-made springs, and length of the lines, etc. (You can hear this difference even in the original video. ) This has became a huge problem.

What can I do? Here are my possible solutions:

a) Feed the solenoids much more power and with adjustable resistors I can adjust the power of the overpowered solenoids. (It needs new circuit board. And the solenoids are overpowered already.)

b) Feed the solenoids much more power and I can adjust the power with the adjustment of hammer-time in the software (10-400 ms). (It needs more complex software design. But this adjustment has limited effect. This cannot resolve the entire problem.)

c) Make new springs. (It is not easy to make springs with equal strength. And this alone is not a solution, even though it can help significantly.)

d) Let's change the springs and use small weights like lead. (I do not have adjustable small weights. And does it really work?)

What should I do? Do you have any suggestion?