Up loaded the code :P

A project log for Church bells

To rebuild a old church bell system that I have already built once. This time I hope to clean it up and document it.

Bobby FeatherBobby Feather 09/29/2016 at 19:280 Comments

I know there is a better way of having this sketch, but this is the way that made sense to me wile I was working on it. But this is the code I'm working with. Down load it to a single folder and open the church bell file. This will put all the files in the right tabs in the IDE. It seems to woke farely good I found a way to get the Day Light Savings time worked out to a switch, and I have the MP3 trigger working on serial2 now. If you see any thing that you would change besides the formating of the sketch feel free to let me know. Also I working on a drawing of how every thing is wired so that will be coming soon.