Camera footprint correction

A project log for Tiny Wireless Capsule Camera

A tiny wireless capsule camera for medical imaging or space-constrained environments

ryan-baileyRyan Bailey 10/10/2016 at 03:200 Comments

I usually do my best to check (and re-check) footprints before things go out to fab. Unfortunately, there was an error in the camera module footprint that shorted one of the power supply pins to ground. I think I had visually transposed a few things from the (minimal) datasheet on this device. Luckily, the fix was relatively easy and some replacement prototyping boards were sent to fab.

The replacement camera modules arrived just after I had left for two months on the road. I intend to find some time in the coming weeks to assemble them - especially now that I have a viable strategy for keeping the module housings from melting during reflow

Stay tuned.