According to online stats, on an average 38 children die from heat-related deaths each year in hot cars. Many times, working parents can completely forget that they've left their children unattended. Others may leave sleeping children in car seats while they exit their vehicles for what they believe will be a quick errand.

Due to greenhouse effect, temperature inside the can rise quickly to anything between 120 "F to 200 "F. This can cause a deadly heatstroke and fatal death.

So, what can be done that matters and can prevent this.

I researched on the web and noticed there are not that many solutions available in the market for this serious issue. Car seat manufacturer "Evenflo" does have one solution called SensorSafe™ Technology but it is expensive and so many parents cannot afford it. Others maybe are not aware of this or think they do not need this and ignore it.

My Idea: Kid-in-Car Reminder

Option 1: Using Bluetooth Tracking Device

Today in the market, many types of Bluetooth tracking devices are available that helps tracking personal belongings like keys, wallet and other similar items.

This tracking device can be used to remind parents when they leave the children behind in the car. The Bluetooth tracking device will be attached to the car seat and in conjunction with mobile app, can be used to send reminder to parents smartphone. Reminder will help parents to notice that kid is in the car and need to be carried along with.

• Simple and cost effective solution - only requires about $20 investment.
• Can work with any car seat
• Device is readily available in the market.

Option 2: Using RF Transmitter/Receiver & LED Indicator on Car Dashboard

Option 1 is simple and cost effective but does have few limitations - nuisance alerts when child is not in the car seat and is with parents but Bluetooth device will send alert to smartphone if the car seat is in the car.

The enhanced version of "Kid-in-Car Reminder" can be developed that senses the kid is in the car seat using weight sensor and then sending signal using RF to LED display placed on the car dashboard. LED will display message "Kid is in the car" to constantly remind parents that child is in the car. This will help parents to remember that they have children with them and will not forget to leave them behind.

The weight sensor will avoid nuisance reminders to parents.

Thank you for reading my this idea. Please do provide any suggestions and/or improvements regarding this solution.

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