Read the datasheet then read the datasheet again...

A project log for Raptor12 Wireless AC Dimmer

Christmas, Halloween light string controller that is wireless, 12channel dimmable AC controller, with an AVR for $30

KingOfKYA(Travis K. )KingOfKYA(Travis K. ) 01/25/2015 at 21:040 Comments


I was trying to find the cause of what seam like bad components. The irf640 were failing with no good reason i could point to. So i read the data sheet again... current fine, no one would pull 16 amps. Voltage possible the upper limit is 200v and the peak of 120VAC is around 170v. SO maybe if they were marginal...

Then I read the gate voltage 2v to 4v... dam, so that explanies i i have been driving them with 5v logic from the micro a volt over the max.

I kinda forgot at some point why I added the leds.... There there to pull the gate driving current down to 3v (blue or green)or so from 5v.

I don't know when I forgot about that, anyways there is a simple as removing the 22k ohm resistors and jumpering them, will make the leds act like shut regulators.

Current should be small enofe to not cause an issues with leds over heating. It works out to just over 1ma, well with in the leds safe operatign range,