Main board layout

A project log for RISC Relay CPU

Scientific calculator with a brain built out of relays.

roelhroelh 05/13/2017 at 15:300 Comments

Still working on the schematics. A lot of little details must be handled:

The last point has great influence on the routing of the main board. So, the main board is routed first. The connector allocation can still be changed if needed (except for the existing register and ALU pcbs). Here is the current status:

There are two rows of 6 connectors. At the front, there are 12 displays. The yellow signals must still be routed. But there will be more to do, since the schematics are not complete yet. This will keep me busy for a while...

The ALU has now all 8 bits built, and is working after solving a few soldering issues.