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A stylish desktop widget shows you the actual foreign exchange rates and the time of different locations

StefanStefan 05/24/2016 at 19:500 Comments

I'm using now my ForEx display while the daily work. But now and then it hangs up (approx. every other day) . Some times it's clear as wrong city entry or web-API not available but some times it's really not clear. Therefore I implemented a watchdog. My first try with the ESP8266 SDK watchdog (ESP.wdtEnable(WDTO_0MS)) didn't work at all and as my intention was to make it running and not to figure out mistakes I tried an other watchdog mechanism. I followed that instructions:

from Andreas Spiess

This works now (even it doesn't make always what it's intended to do) . Thanks Andreas

-> All Github files are updated