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tdicolatdicola 05/15/2014 at 08:330 Comments

I've done some cleaning up and refactored the Ansible playbooks to use roles as suggested by Ansible's best practices.  I'm not super happy with how the system is configured--right now global configuration is in the inventory file under the [all:vars] group.  This is a good spot to configure the entire system in one file but feels a little unwieldily.   I'll be looking more into other options here to see if there's a simpler and more flexible way to configure the system.

I've also added quite a few roles to form the base of the server, including:

One more major package I want to install is a Python WSGI app server that can host web applications written in Python.  I plan to make a few simple web apps for reading and writing MQTT messages and would prefer to write them in Python with the Flask web app framework.  I've looked into some options here and it looks like it comes down to either uWSGI or Gunicorn.  From my testing uWSGI is kind of painful to setup so I might go for Gunicorn.