Anarchist Hackers

For hackers not deluded by the "design as change agent" myth, who instead know that hacking must be united with broader social change.

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Despite their admirable efforts, the open source software community had only marginal effects on broader society, with very few technical and even less non-technical people embracing open-source software. That is to say, there was no revolution. The same will be the case with the maker movement and open source hardware if we continue to introspectively concern ourselves only with designs themselves or childishly treat our designs like band-aids for issues without questioning the institutions that are responsible for the issues originally.

As long as we operate within a capitalist hierarchy that systematically exploits people, animals and the planet, your piece of hardware that saves some fraction of a resource can do only so much good.

We need hackers who understand this and are willing organise to form their own institutions; who participate in direct action with their comrades. Hackers who know their designs should assist social change. Militant makers.

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Chris Fernandez wrote 08/27/2016 at 03:59 point

yeah I totally dissagree with ancaps :) but this way we can make him see he is wrong L:O:L

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AVR wrote 04/21/2016 at 20:00 point

Are AnCap's invited too ?

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Terbytes wrote 04/22/2016 at 07:01 point

Yeah sure, I disagree with AnCap personally, but the main idea to have have some radical discussion amongst hackers. If we get enough people join perhaps we'd all be able to work on something together. It's a bit of an experiment.
Send me a request to contribute and I'll accept, I'll accept everyone on principal, the last think I want to do is dictate who can join and what can be discussed.

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