App SDK Development Pt. 1

A project log for Polymorphic Hardware

Applying polymorphism to hardware enables users to do more with their devices while avoiding IoT pitfalls.

Trey GermanTrey German 04/24/2016 at 22:170 Comments

As mentioned in the details section, I'll be building a smartphone SDK using Apache Cordova. Cordova is a very easy to use tool that allows anyone to build an app using HTML5 and Javascript, the same languages that the web is built on.

Before I can build my SDK, I'll need to be an expert on both Cordova and HTML5/JS...and in my experience one of the best ways to become more skilled in a subject is to teach it. To this end, I've developed some training material for Cordova. This guide walks user's through installation, creation of their first app, app debugging, as well as how to add bluetooth connectivity to the app. You can find the guide here:

To make sure the training material didn't have any kinks in it, I took a little road trip to Texas A&M University to teach some students how to build their first app.

Overall the workshop went smoothly and ~30 students were able to build apps that graphed accelerometer data coming in over a bluetooth link.