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Environmental pollution is a complex issue for the public. The data provided by local operators are very reliable, but sometimes not appropriate and complicated to understand. Moreover, they can't cover specific area such as districts or roads we take everyday.

The project provides a citizen environmental embedded sensor, capable to measure air pollutant concentration : CO2, NO2, PM10 and temperature. The device is opensource, lowcost, and replicable at a citizen scale. Coupled with a game smartphone application, the data can :
- be vizualised in movement on an open map to create alerts in case of risk
- complete a participatory science programme on the effect of urban devices and air quality

The project will implement several actions:
- Workshops to make the sensor / software applications with residents
- Workshops to capture and vizualise data, and understand the causes and solutions to environmental problems.

The project started on april 2016 in Lyon, France.

Step 1 : Embedded Arduino grove sensor

In order to understand the sensor capacity on citizen understanding, a first device has been made with arduino Grove. Using a shield and 3 sensors (temperature, indoor air quality and outdoor quality), the workshop aimed at understanding the factor of data appropriation by children and public.

The data were written on a paper map and graphs to get tangible vizualisation.

Step 2 : Embedded Arduino uno sensor

The second step consists in making a lowcost and smaller arduino sensor, coupled with a smartphone application wich can map the data in mouvement (température, NO2, PM10). The device would be make with residents of popular disctrict in the suburb of Lyon.

This sensor takes inspiration in the existing open sour ceair quality sensor, and especially thanks to a partnersjip with 2 main other citizen projects :

- Smart citizen project (Spain)

- Citizen Watt projet (France)

Perspective : small, embedded, lowtech and fun sensor

When the sensor and data acquisition will be ready, an application will be coded with resident to create a game. The perspective of improvement will be these one :

- Create easy guidelines to make and replicate the sensors at a citizen scale

- Create a way to couple air quality data and urban design (suggest solutions to improve air quality by urban facilities such as parks, transportation, specific materials etc.)

- Create a participatory science program on air quality in poor districts


Arduino Code for Groove proto

ino - 1.98 kB - 04/22/2016 at 19:57


  • 1 × Arduino 2560 Compatible board
  • 1 × HC5 Bluetooth serial transceiver
  • 1 × Grove - Air quality sensor
  • 1 × Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ3)
  • 1 × Grove - LCD RGB Backlight

  • Built a first prototype for a workshop

    marc04/22/2016 at 19:48 0 comments

    A first prototype has been realized in order to organize a workshop at an event about digital technologies (Super Demain).

    This first version is based on an Arduino UNO. The code was very simple, it read the sensors (temperature, humidity...) and printed the measurements on an LCD screen.

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