Bug fix

A project log for USB Multimeter

All in one open source device to monitor and data log power usage of USB devices and other connection types.

MobileWillMobileWill 05/27/2016 at 06:230 Comments

Bug fix: I had an issue where when you open the settings frame it would crash just before drawing the text on the save button. I have been ignoring it for awhile but finally sat down to take a look. Fortunately, after thinking it through it didn’t take much time to find the reason for it. Apparently the font I was loading for the save button and time display was set to a font that hadn’t been loaded in memory first. Doh! If you have used uGFX this will make sense. You have to open the font first before you can use it. Then you can set it as the default or set the font for an object.

Here is a pic of the offending code. I am not certain what font it is with the _u since that isn’t listed in the list of available fonts. I must of got it from somewhere though...

Here is the working settings dialog