Urea Addition for increased Surface Area and Carbonyl Groups

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MECHANICUSMECHANICUS 04/26/2016 at 04:450 Comments!divAbstract

This abstract details utilizing cotton fibers and NH3 or ammonia to increase the amount of carbonyl groups that will allow more faradaic redox reactions at the cathode. The nitrogen and sulfur in hair should also be excellente' Urea can be used to generate ammonia insitu under high heat conditions. Urea comes from urine, so not only will I be using nasty hair and dryer lint I will include number 1. How is that for a gimmicky cheesy HAD prize entry?

A chinese study on hair super caps, they didn't use german short hairs though. Hail Ur-Teufel.!divAbstract

They show a massive 360 Farads per gram using the horrid electrolyte 6.0 M KOH, however it is a chinese study and in my experience they often embellish their claims by at least an order of magnitude. (cough CuCl2 ionic colloid ultracapacitor 5000 F/g cough)