Y-axis Motor Plates & More!

A project log for Building a Shapeoko 3 from Scratch

Let's find out if I can use my little X-carve to build a bigger and better CNC router.

Caleb PetersCaleb Peters 05/02/2016 at 17:540 Comments

Well, I have a couple of things to show off this week, including the y-axis motor mount plates.

The y-axis motor mount plates milled out just as well as any of the other parts that I have been making for this CNC build. The little X-carve has been doing a good job, and my strategy of avoiding large profile cuts on these various aluminum plates has meant that the milling time is surprisingly short for each part. I don't think that any individual part has taken more than a half hour to mill.
Like all Shapeokos this machine is going to use GT2 belts on the X and Y axis. I chose to go with the slightly beefier 9 mm variant which I believe is what the Shapeoko 3's are using now as well. 9 mm belts look deceptively bigger than 6 mm belts until you put them right on top of each other. it would be interesting to know just what kind of a performance increase there really is between the two sizes. However, I've a tendency to think that this is about as big of a machine as I would want to use belts to drive, but then again I haven't seen a spec sheet outlining how much weight these belts can actually handle. Although, this is just a gut feeling on my part.
Unlike the Shapeoko 3 I've planned a slightly more traditional screw driven z-axis design. I'm using some of open builds' "Tr8*8-2p" lead screw, and Anti-Backlash Nut Block to accomplish this. I'm relying heavily on experience I gained from building my own custom z-axis for my X-carve.
I picked up some inexpensive hall effect sensors from Amazon. I'm hoping these will work out, but there's no real guarantee that they will. If they do, then at least I'll be able to recommend them unlike the ones I use on my X-carve
Finally, I've chosen to use a Porter-Cable 450 router as my spindle. I've ripped off all the electronics in preparation to set it up with my superPID. I also picked up one of the 1/8" elaire collet for it. Side note, the elaire collet looks really nice! I've also picked up a DWP 611 mount from inventables. I really like how it's built, but I do have some misgivings on whether or not it will allow for enough z-axis reach. If it doesn't, its not really a huge deal. I designed the z-axis to accommodate the Shapeoko 2/X carve spindle mounting plate dimensions, so I got plenty of options available.