A project log for Power Monitor

Non-intrusive feedback loop for electrical systems.

jlbrian7jlbrian7 03/13/2015 at 02:390 Comments

It doesn't look like much, but this involved setting up a new router (remember - Backup early and often), and since I was at it, I set up asterisk again (I had two old computers bite the dust over the summer). The instructions on this project page still work, with the addition of a few notes.

I had run into a problem with the electric imp where I could post data to my server over the lan from any computer in the house, but the electric imp could not. I had this problem when I had first set up phant, and I had fixed it, but I don't remember how. This is what prompted setting up asterisk again. To get around the problem I set apache up on the new computer with just as I had done for the pbx and forwarded the traffic to my flask server.

If anyone knows the solution to use the electric imp on the lan please post it. THANKS!

So, a full day for two lines on a web page and the beginning of finding out how many data points I can hold on my computer.