Ducky vs my exams

A project log for HAK5 USB RubberDucky Emulator

A simple java program that reads and executes ducky scripts (from the popular hak5 rubber ducky)

TAIBHSE DESIGNSTAIBHSE DESIGNS 05/14/2014 at 19:030 Comments

OK so I have 2 days to the start of my college exams (instead of studying I'm building this)...............

  OK besides the GUI looking like garbage I'm happy enough so far with how its working,  I just have to finish adding the ability for it to read and run a few more commands, then I'll be releasing what I will call an alpha version (I'm just gonna go through the entire alphabet until I'm finished or out of letters).

  just a note though,  while it seems to work on my laptop here fine (64 bit windows 8.1 on a Toshiba laptop with an i.e. keyboard) I don't know how well it will run on other laptops, OS's and keyboard layouts.

this simulator is being made entirely in Java and mainly using the robot class to achieve key commands.

also note I am the furthest thing from an expert in Java, by the time i do release the source, please be gentle, I'm well aware I've probably committed plenty of coding no no's in it.