A project log for Medicycle - Urban Responder

We are living in the future, Medics now need motorbikes to navigate our congested cities but they no longer need two wheels

Nick ThatcherNick Thatcher 06/13/2014 at 17:350 Comments

When working on a new project its always a good idea to plan ahead, its easier to build around parts you have then to find parts that will fit what you have built.

This is a preliminary list of components for the helmet display and where to find them.

Head up display (Receiver part in helmet):

Arduino Pro-Mini 3.3V

Example of an Arduino Pro-Mini with USB programming attachment 3.3V Atmega 328

Adafruit OLED display board

XBEE wireless receiver

Will need 2 of these as one transmits from bike and the other receives data in the helmet mounted OLED display

USB Lithium battery charger (for helmet mounted OLED display module):

LiPo battery for helmet mounted data display:

NOTE: Circuit diagrams and details of transmitter section within the main bike will come later as we build it into the bike.