ODrive v3.4 Ready Soon

A project log for ODrive - High performance motor control

Hobby brushless motors are incredibly cheap and powerful. However we need a way to make robots out of them. ODrive is that way.

Oskar WeiglOskar Weigl 11/24/2017 at 01:090 Comments

We have managed to sell out of ODrive v3.3, thank you everyone who has shown such support! The batch of ODrive v3.4 are due to arrive in about a week from now, and we hope to have them tested and available to ship in the beginning of December.

As you might be aware, we used to have a restriction asking you to not order more than two drives at a time. Now we are able to order much bigger batches, so this restriction is lifted: order as many ODrives as you would like. With this batch and going forward, I think we should be able to keep ODrive from going out of stock.

On that note: If you are an OEM or Distributor, please get in touch, as we now have the capacity to take large orders.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this possible,