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A project log for The THz Drone Project

I am working on a project to fly a THz Spectrometer on a drone. This will enable spot measurements of important atmospheric molecules.

Joseph DemersJoseph Demers 09/18/2016 at 19:140 Comments

This has been a very successful project for illustrating the potential utility of a drone mounted THz spectrometer. The response to this project has been very positive. Thanks to everyone who showed interest or contributed. I have already received inquiries if the THz Drone is ready to start making atmospheric measurements of pollutants. The answer is, unfortunately, "No, not yet." There are several things that are required before the THz Drone can get out there and start spot checking local pollutant levels and enforcing pollution laws. As it turns out, the upgrades necessary are going to be an even greater Hack than what has been done so far.

Thanks for reading!