Release All the Codes!

A project log for RF Mesh Network

High-throughput zero topology configuration mesh network for temporary/emergency communications over long distances.

trademarkTrademark 07/01/2016 at 02:140 Comments


The MeshSim program is basically done. It does all the things that I want it to do for the time being. The code is heavily commented, but I still need to clean it up a bit and make it nice and user-friendly. I figured it was time to release the code so you can compile and get the general idea anyway.



The MeshSim program can generate a network of a specified size (or random size within a range) of up to 254 nodes. The simulator integrates my new version of the Breadth-First Search algorithm. Once a network is generated, you can turn nodes on and off to see the network map itself, heal itself, etc. You can trigger heartbeats, send packets around manually, save/load network topology and more! It is great fun, and it really makes a good test bed for these algorithms. Even if you aren't into RF, this is a cool case study on mesh mapping in general.