Initial version

A project log for Bus Schedule Display

Small device to show upcoming buses in realtime at a given stop. It runs on an ESP8266, get the data from NextBus and it's web configurable.

ChrisChris 04/04/2018 at 02:550 Comments

What's inside the box

Nothing fancy here. Just a Wemos D1 mini and an SPI display. Got both from my Chinese friends on Ebay.

Note that I combined some cables because the display needs two 3.3V connections (Backlight and circuit).  I also combined the ground but you could use only one ground wire.

On the bottom of the plastic box I drilled holes and cut a square for the display to show.

A little trick to get the correct measurements: use the plastic screen protector. Just remove it from the screen and stick it on the plastic box. Then align, mark, drill and cut. 

Assembled components with initial software

Most of the settings are still hard-coded but the bus predictions are working.

Every 30 seconds the ESP contacts the NextBus API and parses the result. Then all bus lines are put together, sorted by time and displayed.

On the todo list:

- Better Ui

- Web page to configure:

     - bus agency

     - bus stop id

     - time interval (do not show buses more that X minutes away)

     - bus lines to hide

     - color depending the time remaining

- Auto wifi configuration (go into hotspot mode when no wifi config)

- OTA updates