3D Printed DIYbio Orbital Shaker

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progressthProgressTH 11/11/2017 at 11:180 Comments

November 11, 2017 | ProgressTH Orbital shakers are used to agitate substances in closed vessels such as jars, test tubes, and enclosed bioreactors. 

Our design utilizes 608zz bearings (x6), a 12v stepper motor and driver, a potentiometer, and an Arduino Micro Pro to create variable, smooth, and reliable orbital motion control. 

The files are all up on Thingiverse here:

Wiring diagrams and additional resources will be added soon. The platform itself was specifically designed to be removable via 3 bolts. This allows users to create custom holders to keep their vessels secure while in motion. The platform moves very quickly at full speed. 

A quick video demo can be seen here: 

Our projects are designed to give an example and a starting point for DIYbio and community labs a starting point for creating their own custom lab equipment. 

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