Starting to come together

A project log for KOSSEL XXL

I wanted to build a large printer capable of printing PLA or ABS to a high quality, speed is also of major importance. (Mini Kossel based)

Aaron Dominic RichmondAaron Dominic Richmond 05/23/2016 at 12:290 Comments

I now have most of the stuff fitted and i must say it is looking sweet.

the belts went on without a hitch and all the max limit switches are working, next steps for me is to get an inductive sensor fitted and start tweaking the FW.

This is the 1st iteration of the inductive sensor mount i will use, it has 2x 30mm fan mounts built in to cool the to of the hot end. Again this is probably overkill and i will most likely change it for a single fan at some point.

This still leaves me space to add a fan to cool the plastics coming out of the hot end for bridging.

All drawn in openSCAD.