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Because soil is so overrated, seriously.

Julius (Mr. Seeker)Julius (Mr. Seeker) 06/28/2016 at 09:570 Comments

Well, it seems that the plants I put in the aeroponics system are working, and they seem to be working fine. I had to add a lot more water in the system than I anticipated (its almost full) but because of that the fog seems to spread out nicely, even to a point where it goes over the buckets.

The plants I put in are 2 fresh ones, I will put a new picture on here when they have recovered and look better, currently they don't look that well. One of the things I noticed is that the roots need to be soaked in the fog. On my first attempt I put too much pebbles in there, causing most of the roots to be suspended above the fog. After some digging into the wet pebbles and putting the plant lower in the ground, I finally reached a point where the plant finally stuck his crown back up, so I can only assume that my idea worked.

I noticed though that there is some weird goo in the tubes, not sure what it is or what it is causing them, but as long as there is a constant flow of water I don't feel too problematic with it. I do have to make sure that it will not cause too much issues though, so I have to be careful and keep watch on it.

Suggestions on how to proceed are welcome, I was thinking about adding some form of a water sensor in there to detect if the water is still flowing and to measure the temperature, but that might take a while. At this moment when I come home the water feels cold to the touch, so the heat exchange does seem to do its job pretty well and makes sure that the water stays aerated and cool. Nice hint for those with hot water issues: Try to cool the water down using airflow, works better than buying a 70-100 USD chiller...