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avrAVR 10/20/2016 at 18:120 Comments

Today my digikey order arrived with parts for the DT JFET Pre. I'm going to solder up one and see how well it works with my component selection and board design. For the purpose of keeping my sweet Squire Vintage Modified Mustang guitar from being defiled, I'm going to mount the preamp in either a pedal enclosure or just solder up connectors. This preamp design ( is typically mounted inside the guitar as it has no controls for volume level or tone, it relies on the guitar's tone circuit. In the case of mounting it in an enclosure, it would just be a hammond box with no external controls, just power, in , and out all mounted with a PedalFX board. Stay tuned and follow the project to find out what I end up doing with it!

Obligator Parts picture: