A project log for Containerized Hydro/Aquaculture Food Production

Packed into a 20 ft. shipping container, this food production system combines automation, hydroponics and aquaculture. 05/19/2016 at 03:240 Comments

This is the fun part...

The point of automation in this project is to make the skill and time requirements necessary to run a combined system like this less odious to the user. The main operations that are amiable to automation include:

a. Seed germination/plant throughput, covering the mechanical movement of plants

b. Irrigation of plants

c. Fish feeding

d. Shuffling fish from tank to tank

e. Monitoring of tank, plant area and ambient conditions

f. Venting and other container structural manipulations

g. Power management

There are probably others to be added.

I will be addressing each of these operations in separate logs... stay tuned.