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A project log for Project Rockoon

Actively stabilized model rocket by means of a motor gimbal, originally designed for launching a rocket from a high-altitude weather balloon

Julian CostasJulian Costas 10/24/2016 at 01:510 Comments

About a month ago I started a new semester, and I have not been working on this project much. I've made a decision to put this project on halt until I go back home for winter break.

I've also made a decision to shift the focus of this project to the gimbal for now. I would like to use the gimbal to fly an actively stabilized rocket and recover it.

Since coming back to school, I've joined some projects led by students more knowledgeable than I. I'd like to focus on these projects because I see more learning opportunity there and these projects have larger, more well defined end goals.

The goal of one project is to create a small scale liquid rocket engine. This engine won't be on a launch vehicle very soon, but for now we are trying to get a successful hot fire test.

The second project is looking to use a 2 staged, solid propellant rocket to break the Karman line and officially reach space.

Definitely excited about what's to come next.

I'd like to state again that Project Rockoon is not over, and progress will resume again at a later date this year.

I'd also like to leave a video of a successful, tethered stabilization test, so that anybody stumbling upond this page can see the progress so far.

Onwards and Upwards,