• Product reuse, and when its worth it...

    James Wynhoff04/04/2018 at 21:44 0 comments

    A little background

    I used to sell a TON of global cache products for my business, we had kids rooms in many projects  that we wanted an inexpensive solution to bring into the system.

    The global cache gc-100 and the ip2ir line did that nicely, but now we do centralized HDMI distribution, so there is no source equipment that needs to be controlled, and the last time I sold a non IP controllable TV was 4 years ago....

    So now that I have both unsold stock, and also lots of reclaimed products that were destined for the trash, I really want to use them.

    The important parts that *I* care about them in this scenario is that the GC-100-12 has 3 relays, and 6 IR ports, but those IR ports are TRS jacks, and support a contact input on the ring.

    Thus this monstrosity was born, it consists of 2 gc-100-12 cases each with a Global Cache IP2IR (3 ir outputs/contacts) 


    It's built

    I know they work, and they are built well.

    It supports notifications in the API on contact state changes

    its free! (for me)

    Using products instead of trashing them


    This solution requires setting/using 4 ip addresses and each device has to have a connection maintained.