Extruder mounted, begining calibration (and fixes!)

A project log for Fluid extruder for 3D printer

High capacity fluid extruder.

nfknfk 05/28/2014 at 12:350 Comments

After a few issues with the extruder's gears and axes, we are back in busines.

We mounted the extruder to the printer along with a heated tank and pipe.

The nozle is too far from the bed and the amount extruded wax per mm is wrong but you can see we where trying to print a calibration rule :)

Notice the odd angle of the rule. The printer is polar and the extruder's tip was not properly aligned with the bed's center.

Will fix that today.

TODO next week:

 - Fix extruder's leaks!!!!!!!! #@#@!#$^%%$^&43$#fg542y%#

- Z should be lower....

- Reduce steps per mm on the extruder, way too much wax is being extruded now.

- Move the thermistor near the tip (now near the pump's gears) to have a better temperature control. Wax is coming out way too hot.