Prototype Version 2

A project log for Humidifeyes

Eye Moisture Retention and Rehabilitation Goggles: Cost effective assistive device for prevention and treatment of dry eye syndrome.

spandana.cheruvuspandana.cheruvu 05/16/2016 at 21:560 Comments

This model has an ultrasonic atomizer from a portable mini humidifier. This model is connected to set of small no of circuits which absorb water from wick and atomize into mist.

This can be used to maintain humidity in the eye chamber. However, some design constraints were encountered.

1. The mist after some time condenses and forms water droplets. This leads to unchannelled water accumulation

2. The foam does not give a complete sense of comfortability. Need to experiment other low cost padding materials

3. The accompanying circuitry and battery must be able to fit in the pocket ing electrical wire travels from pocket module to the glasses. Here the atmoizer is activated via electrical signals

4. The eyegear must look socially acceptable

5. Power constraints - Battery run/ USB run device