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A project log for PIXPUTER - computer on PIC17 microprocessor

"PIXPUTER" (or nedoPC-17) is based on PIC17C43 or PIC17C44 microcontroller that works in microprocessor mode with external program memory

SHAOSSHAOS 05/23/2016 at 22:582 Comments

It's strange, but I didn't know about other PIC17s until recently - along with PIC17C4X models there are bigger family PIC17C7XX (also obsolete):

with "monsterpic" PIC17C766 that has 66 IO-pins (ports from A to J)! Probably I'll try to build newer PIXPUTER around this one (with hope that all software from PIC17C4X will keep working). Another cool feature about them - ability to be programmed "In-Circuit" (but it's still one-timers that could not be re-programmed) and DigiKey even offers custom programming of PIC17C752 and PIC17C756A on order - in this case we can keep BIOS (and OS kernel) inside of the chip and all other software - outside (as pre-programmed into external 16-bit ROM or downloadable into external 16-bit RAM).


jaromir.sukuba wrote 05/24/2016 at 08:51 point

Well, I'd stick to simplest possible option - PIC17C4x. The bigger variants are much more expensive and as PIC17C are things of the past, the price will get only higher. PIC17C4x have probably higher penetration around the warehouses all around the globe, so it will be easier to find once Microchip decides to EOL it. By the way, thumbs up for them to keep such as antique, outdated part in their portfolio.

Having BIOS and OS kernel in OTP ROM of 15USD part is such as... one time deal ;-)

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SHAOS wrote 05/24/2016 at 15:27 point

According to DigiKey prices are only slightly higher - all PIC17s are
around $10 and it looks like PIC17C4X is on decline now. But anyway -
v1.x is for PIC17C4X and bigger parts for future v2.x (next decade or

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