Shortened PCB

A project log for PIXPUTER - computer on PIC17 microprocessor

"PIXPUTER" (or nedoPC-17) is based on PIC17C43 or PIC17C44 microcontroller that works in microprocessor mode with external program memory

SHAOSSHAOS 05/30/2016 at 01:370 Comments

I still have 3 green PIXPUTER boards from old batch, so I decided to make shortened version of PIXPUTER by removing WizNet, optocouplers, relays and wide extension bus on the right side:

This shortened version still has the processor (diamond shaped PLCC socket in the middle), ROM (large DIP on the left), PAL address decoder (smaller DIP at left-upper corner), RAM and other SOIC ICs, RTC (DIP on the right) and RS-232 chip and socket (on the top). 8+2 IO on the bottom of the board can be used to connect 2-line LCD-display as showed on older pics:

Also I want to connect little serial keyboard from Palm m100/m105 to it (people already connected this type of keyboards to DIY devices - it's called "Micro DataPad Mini Keyboard for Palm PDA" and it's still available on the Net here and there for about $10):

After that my PIXPUTER could be truly called "a computer" :)