PIP-Watch Boards & Assembly

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Pip-Watch (Personal Information Panel) is an open-source smart watch with an ePaper display, a bluetooth modem, and a Li-Ion accumulator.

jaraJara 09/17/2014 at 20:570 Comments

The printed circuit boards for PIP-Watch Zero came from Pragoboard fab on Friday 12 Sept. I ordered three pieces because the cost is practically identical as for two or one.

PIP-Watch Zero: Pristine PCBs from fab

On Saturday I assembled one board, and on Sunday I tested it and started working on firmware. I had some problems with PLL in the microcontroller - the CPU hard-resetted the instant the PLL was enabled. Eventually I found a bad solder joint on one of the CPU's power supply pins.

  PIP-Watch Zero: Assembled board from the bottom

PIP-Watch Zero: Top PCB side, unfolded.

So far I tested the CPU & JTAG, the eInk EPD display, Bluetooth modem access (but not the BT communication itself), and LEDs. I had issues with bad solder joints (both shorts and cold joints) because the PCB footprint for the CPU (the LQFP64 package) was apparently designed for the reflow process, and it is not suitable for hand soldering. Silly KiCAD libraries!

PIP-Watch Zero: Assembly

Measuring crystal frequencies: