CD Changer bougth - Kick off

A project log for Auto Ripper - BD/DVD Changer for automated ripping

In this project I'll hack a CD Changer to use a BD drive and automate the ripping of BDs/DVDs on my PC

Babo96Babo96 05/22/2016 at 21:540 Comments

To start of the project I surfed on ebay for literally weeks searching for a suitable CD Changer

There are many out there which can be used, for me based in germany I had to wait quite a long time to find a cheap one, how it is in your country I can't tell, but getting a 200CD Sony CD Changer for 65€ (including shipping) was quite a good deal seeing them sold for about 150 + every day.

I'm awaiting this piece on friday so this will be the next day you'll hear from be