ESP8266 automated blinds

ESP8266 + SG90 + MQTT/REST = inexpensive automated blinds

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  • 1 × SG90 Servo Motor Currently $1.21 shipped on AliExpress.
  • 1 × ESP8266 Currently $1.70 shipped on AliExpress.
  • 1 × 3.3V regulator module
  • 1 × 5v power supply Old phone charger should work. My setup seems to work fine with an old 700ma charger.

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Marin wrote 05/06/2020 at 20:17 point

Hi there!

I'm working on something very close to this: on a project of an almost autonomous sunblind, based on ESP-12, GM12-N20 Motor, 18650 accumulator, solar cells, etc. Said this, I do have almost all of the components (for a couple of years yet!) but still didn't have enough time to put all the things head-to-head. More of this, I'm not an engineer in electronics, rather an IT guy.

How I see the project. First of all I want to make one sunblind to open and close, being remoted from a phone or tablet. May be from an other ESP-12, I had to learn this more.

Next step would be building of an autonomous power plant. For this purpose, I guess it will be enough 6-8 accumulators, 10-15 solar cells, one or two mini Arduino to monitor the voltages on the accumulators and report to a Central Unit.

Next I see in managing a Central Unit that would control a dozen of sunblinds, check the temperature and luminosity, take actions depending of the time of day, temperature and luminosity. It would be built on an ESP-12 as well.

These days, because of COVID, I had much more time to work. So, I've decided to take it step by step. Today I had finally flashed an ESP-12 core (no MCU, core only) and even succeeded to drive a motor. Now I'm building a code to make the motor go round until it gets an opto interrupter.

If you have any suggestions how shall I forward through my project, I'd be very happy to know them.


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dugumao wrote 05/26/2016 at 04:51 point

I have made a simple sunblind wtih esp8266 & a dc gear motor.

Use MQTT to communicate with device from mobile

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