Advanced Stand Instructions Are Done!

A project log for Affordable Reflectance Transformation Imaging Dome

A simple and inexpensive way to image and analyze subtle surface details on objects.

Leszek PawlowiczLeszek Pawlowicz 11/27/2016 at 22:110 Comments

Took a lot longer than I thought, but the advanced stand instructions are done. Sorry it took so long, but there are a crazy number of pictures (around 60). You'll find it at the bottom of the instructions, but I should have a PDF in the files section shortly.

This design is really only for smaller domes (< 15" in diameter), but allows a number of unique configurations that you can't do with the simple stand. Simple stand is still the only inexpensive and practical option for larger domes, though if you have access to a machine/woodworking shop you could probably come up with some more interesting designs than mine.

Here's a video showing what the advanced stand can do:

Of the short-term plans I wrote up in an earlier log, I've done two: the Bluetooth HID shutter control, and this stand. I'm actively working on a third, cleaning up the instructions, but that will take a while to complete. The servo shutter should be next on the list, but I forgot to list the .Net version of the processing software I wrote, and that will likely be next on the list. Then the servo shutter, then writing up a more detailed description of how to process and analyze RTI imagery. Even though the Hackaday prize contest is over, I will keep updating this project until I've got everything done that should be here. Stay tuned.

PS Almost forgot - hope to get all the software and documentation up on GitHub in the near future.