What do we need

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Electronic modulesOther:
  • 8mm Acrylic
  • M2 screw and nut
  • Copper Cylinder
  • Screw driver
  • Laser Cutter

If you can't find a laser cutter, you can make a wooden version or, try the Laser Cutter Service supply by Seeed.

Laser cut the Acrylic

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Download the file and laser cut it.

Here's we use 8mm acrylic, less that 8mm may broken if your screen is big.

Desk Assembly

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Fixed side acrylic panels with screws and angle iron.(Image 1)

Fixed the top acrylic panels with screws.(Image 2)

Fixed the drawer.(Image 3)

The desk is done (Image 4)

Hardware Connection

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There're 3 modules need to connect to your Arduino.

  • Grove - Button > D2
  • Grove - OLED > I2C
  • Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger > D7

Software works and test

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The code was wrote in Arduino. If you hadn't try an Arduino, click to get more.

I had pushed my code to Github, if you like this project and want to improve it, please give me pull request.

Click here to download the code.

Please know that it's an Arduino Sketchbook, that include the demo code and libraries all needed.

1. When you get to the github page, find a Download ZIP button, click to download the code.

2 Unzip the file you had downloaded from github, you will get a folder namedArduinoPhone-master.

3. Open your Arduino IDE, click File > Preferences > Sketchbook Location, browse to the folder we had mentioned above - ArduinoDesk-master. Then click OK to save it.

4. Close and re-open Arduino IDE, click File > Sketchbook > demo, then the main code of the desk is open.

5. Choose the right board(Arduino UNO) and port to upload the code.

All the steps please refer to the image above.

Hardware Assembly

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We need some M2 screws and nuts to fix the modules.

As shown at the above images.

Maker it Better

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There're some awesome function to be added in the next version.

  • Missed call
  • Sedentary remind
  • One button call - If someone can't find you, click on the button then a SMS will send to you, “COME BACK, SOME GUY IS WAITING YOU”
  • If you have any ideas, please make a comment.

Have fun.